12.5 The @Wonderali Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, the boys go back to more of a “classic IBf” format as they bullshit for 35 minutes about anchovies, cheesy snack foods, food stores, mushrooms, onions, Montreal Comic-Con and @WonderAli.

This was recorded about fifteen minutes before Ryan started barfing up tarts, so while this was supposed to take place before the Q&A episode, we’re fine with this being an Elseworlds tale that doesn’t fit into current canon.


11 Five Years Later

We tried to keep this one down to the new 30 minute standard, but once we got going, it was hard to stop. Be forewarned though, this isn’t a typical episode of IBfs and while there are some laughs, we tend to keep things more serious than usual.

This week, the boys talk about marriage and mental disorders. Five years ago last week, Joey was hospitalized due to his depression. So, in order to get it out of his system, he tells the story of what it was like to drop out of college and be admitted to a crisis ward for a week. Most of you probably don’t know the details of what happened, so feel free to listen as he shares.

If you’re waiting for the (much funnier) Q&A episode, that will be next week, followed by the boys’ yearly media recap.