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41 Wattersonesque

The boys try to talk about two comic strip documentaries, but instead spend the bulk of an episode talking about neoteny, pop culture references, animated pictures and one of Joey’s biggest fears.

0:00 – Scooters

2:05 – You know Joey Bags too?

3:22 – Two documentaries, only one we really care to remember

11:24 – Your own personal Hobbes (Reach out and touch faith)

13:37 – And then Joey decides he doesn’t want to stick to a topic ever again

14:37 – Ryan’s getting too old for this shit

17:09 – Modern society is a prolonged assault on the senses

20:02 – Barely an adult, but with one foot in the grave

24:09 – The Mason-Simpson Line

26:18 – The Internet was not created to be megaphone for our emotions

28:27 – An inevitable horrible accident, or that unlucky bonk on the head

32:49 – This weasel makes me wiggle

33:55 – Can you rebuild who you once were with nothing but social media?

37:54 – These are some of Joey’s favorite things

Death Bear waits for us all

40 One of Those Muppets That Sits in the Box Seats

This time around, the boys are joined by everyone’s favorite resident science consultant, Lauren. It’s an extended episode featuring extreme birding in Ecuador, flying drunk, culture shock, parasites, dating and typical banter punctuated with the occasional momentary existential crisis.

2:48 – Who is Lauren?

4:11 – A joke about Ecuador referencing Toto’s Africa

9:12 – Dressing like a cartoon character with severe OCD

12:37 – “Birding is not for the faint of heart”

17:12 – Culture shock strikes again!

23:25 – Like Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, but in first class

32:09 – And that’s why you fly drunk, with a posse

35:09 – Bring on the noise, bring on the Americans

40:43 – I love the smell of commerce in the morning!

42:52 – The Great Lauren War

49:54 – Dispatches from Real America

56:30 – If it’s on the Internet, you should have heard about it by now

1:03:09 – Beware, assholes are everywhere

1:08:18 – The Death of Calm