58 Mall Walker By Day, Writer By Night

Instigating versus antagonizing. That one regret we all have. Rationalizing a mindwipe. Econs. How to alienate everyone we know under the age of 18. Being a barren wasteland with nothing to offer. Motherfucking Jackie Gleason. The Streisand effect and the small mall that has two pretzel stands that may or may not be staffed by a skeleton crew. Cultural literacy. Inherent problems in determining the President of the Jews. Straddling the Millennial line. Ryan’s journey to the Planet of the Apes. And other award-winning courtroom adjacent dramas. The future people that are already judging you for liking Friends. Figuring out shit to talk about.

In this episode, the boys fail to design the optimal social experience.

Keep moving forward

57 Prime Spider Real Estate

Looking back on previous episodes. Getting dumped. Spitting after getting hit by an emotional avalanche. The merits of tweeting your feelings. That moment when you get confused for someone’s husband. Codependency. Viral emotions. Living with your pocket computer that can’t process feelings. Why you should keep doing what you’re doing. Feeling bad about feeling bad. First world problems. And becoming the kind of person that can deal with how terrible you are to yourself.

In this episode, the boys discuss the results of Joey’s emotional social media adventure.