33 Don’t Give Up Pope

During an especially cynical holiday season, the boys turn to the Vatican for answers and maybe, just maybe, a successor to Tony Stark.

0:22 – An agnostic and an atheist walk into a conversation about the Pope

2:50 – Some love forĀ An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

4:08 – Those dickbag atheists, you know the ones…

5:25 – Ryan secures his one way ticket to Hell

6:00 – Pope Francis: awesome or Hitler?

7:03 – The usury suspects

9:23 – Our first commandment is “be a good dude”

13:32 – Introducing the motorcycle-riding, kick-ass pope

15:42 – An aside about divine hats

16:55 – Bat-Pope for President

18:41 – The difference between income and wealth

23:00 – Not what a white Christmas means

23:51 – We’re sorry, Asian Spider-Man

25:00 – Hungry people are hungry, and other economic facts

25:16 – Cognitive dissonance: maybe good, maybe bad

26:58 – …Ryan brings up Rob Ford

28:34 – Where are all of the crack-smoking gentlemen?

30:16 – Jesus, Sherlock Holmes and Batman

31:59 – Initiate Vatican Party Protocol

32:56 – Seriously though, Joey doesn’t do drugs


6 Finally About Comics

This is the long awaited comics episode of Internet Boyfriends, in which Ryan and Joey talk about their favorite comic of the year: I Kill Giants. Both boys lament on not having read Gotham Central yet, while Ryan schools Joe on what else he should be reading. It’s not easy to write this description, since the hour long episode is all over the place, covering the major comics of the last year and then some. If you’re that interested, check the tags and listen to the show already.

Also, happy birthday, Ryan!