Rancid butter on your side of the bread

53 Managing Your Larger Automaton

Mad Max. Pineapple pizza. Early exposure to computer machines. Keeping your favorites to yourself for the safety of us all. Eating handfuls of dirt. When everyone learned to kick it up a notch. The good ham. Breaking out of a food comfort zone. And a word worse than foodie.

In this episode, the boys talk about Internet arguments about food and why a food adventure is the best adventure.


12.5 The @Wonderali Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, the boys go back to more of a “classic IBf” format as they bullshit for 35 minutes about anchovies, cheesy snack foods, food stores, mushrooms, onions, Montreal Comic-Con and @WonderAli.

This was recorded about fifteen minutes before Ryan started barfing up tarts, so while this was supposed to take place before the Q&A episode, we’re fine with this being an Elseworlds tale that doesn’t fit into current canon.