Jim Henson and friends

37 Lucky Jim

In this episode, the boys look back on the life of Jim Henson, thanks to the awesome biography by Brian Jay Jones.

1:26 – We love Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones

3:29 – How we got into The Muppets

6:21 – A rock & roll cassette tape tangent

7:42 – Young Jim and family

9:44 – The magic of the Muppets

12:40 – Life on the street is so much better when it’s Sesame Street

15:04 – The best kinds of inspiration comes from Italian sexploitation movies

16:10 – Building a world, changing the world

18:31 – Countless Kermits

19:55 – There’s more to the Muppets than a funny gag or a favorite bit

21:54 – A man with drive, vision and a car that looked like Kermit


27:07 – The most offensive things anyone can say about Jim Henson

28:47 – Hooked on a (cinematic) feeling

30:41 – On second thought, this is absolutely the most offensive thing anyone could say about Jim Henson

36:36 – Do kids still like the original Muppet movies? If not, the Third Reich will reign for a thousand years.

39:19 – A final letter and final thoughts