39 Kickstarting Strangebeard

Special guest Kelly Tindall joins the boys to talk about his Kickstarter project, Strangebeard.

0:56 – What is Strangebeard?

1:46 – Explaining the magic and mystery that is Kelly Tindall

4:27 – There’s more to life than being a princess

6:01 – Much love for Aardman, that one guy in the background with the bongos

7:06 – When everyone discovered we needed an all-ages werewolf sex scene

9:42 – How not to run a Kickstarter campaign

14:37 – Have you heard about Sexcastle?

15:50 – Start on a Monday, end on Comic Book Day

17:09 – A reasonable guy with very few enemies walks into a room looking for love

19:36 – Bringing up the book that shall not be named

20:36 – Lessons from the world of children’s entertainment

23:01 – “99% is zero.”

25:31 – Good work first, Twitter fights never

29:20 – Talking shit will always be easier than doing shit

33:26 – From Azeroth to accomplishment

34:48 – To crush your self-esteem and to hear the lamentations of the women

36:15 – If you work in comics, learn how to live with Twitter

38:46 – What happens when it actually happens

41:12 – If you want diversity in comics, look to the web

43:37 – Media studies 101, or why we’ll never run out of white guys with chiseled jaws

46:03 – Kelly calls for fewer rapping grandmas

47:33 – And Joey seizes his chance to talk about Dan Harmon

48:14 – The rules in question, if you can ignore Joey’s need to point out that he’s been a Dan Harmon fan since way before you

49:16 – How not to be an insane person

51:30 – First you get the family. Then you get the X-Men. Then you get the power.

53:32 – “Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive”

55:36 – Final announcements about the Strangebeard Kickstarter