Need alt text like we need a hole in the head

38 Subconscious Snooze Button

Joey would rather read pop psychology books than deal with his problems, so this time around, he’s decided to use some of his newly acquired knowledge to ruin Ryan’s day.

0:44 – Fucking up Ryan’s day, while at the same time doing nothing to reduce anxiety

2:47 – Knowing how to properly explain misery

4:35 – The Wayne Gretzky of Freaking Out

6:33 –┬áThe whole point of educating yourself is to better attack others

7:12 – Why Ryan procrastinates

10:52 – Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset

11:44 – High-minded hobo murder

13:55 – What it looks like inside your comfort zone

15:56 – If you want it, you have to do the work

17:40 –┬áDon’t follow your passion

19:29 – College and university really are two different things

24:25 – Procrastination is its own reward

27:11 – Excuses, excuses

29:50 – Childhood psychology

32:37 – Don’t be smart; be good at failing

34:05 – We have no idea why anyone respects us, do we?

37:30 – Praise for the Great God Om!

38:10 – The tweet in question

39:00 – No, I’m not posting a link to the dog food video

42:26 – PSA: Joey quit drinking and doing drugs a while ago, so these are all completely sober thoughts

44:15 – The Now Habit, right now

46:20 – A plank of wood balanced between two skyscrapers

49:02 – Most content or greatest content

51:48 – Another in a series of down endings