34 The Definition of Manliness

This time around, the boys talk about all things manly, including female role models.

0:31 – The time Ryan forgot about Oscar

1:46 – Talking ’bout Brené Brown

3:40 – Die Hard is not the best Christmas movie

6:15 – The Internet can’t control me

8:06 – What Americans want out of their men

10:13 – It’s scientifically proven that Americans don’t want us

14:14 – Society: just a team of people

16:03 – To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the empowerment of the women

18:06 – That Bill Burr voice in the back of your head

19:07 – The exact moment at which Joey realized Ryan wasn’t raised by bigots

21:27 – Joey prefers kissing to panic attacks

24:16 – A constant cycle of dickishness fueled by an abundance of shame and idiocy

29:16 – Gay and proud… just don’t laugh at me

32:06 – Ryan’s mom: a better female role model than Jennifer Lawrence

33:47 – Chris Hadfield and a certain kind of woman

36:38 – Be interesting or fuck off, sort of

41:00 – This is not one of those episodes that ends well

43:24 – Obviously, Joey does not value the primacy of editing