58 Mall Walker By Day, Writer By Night

Instigating versus antagonizing. That one regret we all have. Rationalizing a mindwipe. Econs. How to alienate everyone we know under the age of 18. Being a barren wasteland with nothing to offer. Motherfucking Jackie Gleason. The Streisand effect and the small mall that has two pretzel stands that may or may not be staffed by a skeleton crew. Cultural literacy. Inherent problems in determining the President of the Jews. Straddling the Millennial line. Ryan’s journey to the Planet of the Apes. And other award-winning courtroom adjacent dramas. The future people that are already judging you for liking Friends. Figuring out shit to talk about.

In this episode, the boys fail to design the optimal social experience.

Rancid butter on your side of the bread

53 Managing Your Larger Automaton

Mad Max. Pineapple pizza. Early exposure to computer machines. Keeping your favorites to yourself for the safety of us all. Eating handfuls of dirt. When everyone learned to kick it up a notch. The good ham. Breaking out of a food comfort zone. And a word worse than foodie.

In this episode, the boys talk about Internet arguments about food and why a food adventure is the best adventure.